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May 05, 2016

Things You Need To Know About Garage Floors

Your garage floor gets the most damage out of all the floors because it has to deal with the most foot traffic and the most number of chemical and oil stains but it does not mean that taking care of your garage floor is impossible. You have to give your best at it. There are many floor types to use on your garage floor and they have to be durable to save you from spending a fortune.

Daily maintenance

It’s okay to just clean your garage flor with a broomdaily and to mop your garage floors once a week with a neutral pH cleaner.

Getting rid of stains

Most of us have a hard time cleaning up chemical and oil stains but it isn’t a big deal getting rid of them. Using the right type of cleaner will get them off, in no time. It is important to clean up any spills then and there because some chemicals and oils cause stains cannot be removed easily when dried.

The best for your garage

The floor type that you choose on your garage must be easy to deal with and tough not to get damaged because it deals with all sorts of damage. One of the best choices for garage floors are epoxy flooring Gold Coast because it protects the floors against all factors that damages it.

Concrete floors

These type of type of floors gives your garage floor a natural look and you can make it look the way you want to. Concrete floors will be more durable and more effective, if a good quality coating is used on it.

The Tiles

There are rigid tiles that can be used for garage floors. They are made of hard plastics, making it easier for them to withstand more load and also extreme weather conditions. You can choose from a range of patterns. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned and are chemical resistant Click this link if you are looking for concrete grinding in Brisbane.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are not recommended on garage floors but on kitchen and schools floors. Nevertheless, vinyl floors are used as garage flooring because it is very affordable and it comes from a range of colors and stylesto choose from.

Porcelain tiles

If you don’t need your garage floor to be moisture resistant, you can use porcelain tiles on your garage floor. It will definitely give your garage floor luxurious and an elegant look. It is also highly durable as porcelain tiles are chemical resistant but you should not use these tiles if your garage floor has tendencies of getting wet because it may cause accidents due to it’s slipperiness. The grouts between the tiles are very vulnerable to damage so proper care should be given to the grouts.