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May 09, 2016

Options For Changing The Flooring Of Your Home

If you have an old home or you are constructing a new home, the foundation and how it should be built needs careful consideration. After that, the kind of flooring one can have should also be decided as well as the construction of the walls and the roof as there overall weight and eco friendly nature of a building is important for keeping up an optimal real estate value in any Australian neighborhood.

Construction of footing systems
When it comes to planning the footing system or changing it at the time of house renovations, there are certain points that the builder considers. The overall weight of the home should be supported by the footing system. Again, the soil conditions in any region need to be looked at when the footing system for a home is being designed. The right construction will ensure minimal disturbance from geographical conditions like earthquakes as well as other external conditions. For that reason, usually concrete and steel are used in order to form a solid foundation of a home.

Modern options
The use of concrete and steel might form the heaviest base for a home but it might not be necessary for a small home and in that case, the site impact of laying a heavy foundation can be avoided. Nowadays there are lightweight and framed systems that are being created by builders in order to minimize site impact as well as ensure reliability and strength. This kind of footing system also helps to lower the construction costs and can be considered at the time of house extensions.

Get the right advice
There are other structural solutions that can be opted for which will help to stabilize the foundation as well as ensure maximum embodied energy to support the weight of a building. The number of floors and width of a building will also determine the kind of footing system that needs to be created. Again, the geographical features of a land will help an experienced builder plan the footing system accordingly.

Several options available
Nowadays the modern builders have several options which can reduce the overall construction cost as well as ensure an adequate footing system for a home. As per the soil and slope conditions and the overall estimated weight of a home or a building, there are several options available to a modern builder. The footing system of a building can be constructed with waffle pod slabs that are made of old care tires filled with requisite materials or detached strip footings that combine with brick work in order to reduce the excavation needs. The right choice will be made by an experienced builder who wishes to optimize the building life span and budget preferences of their customer. To know more about house renovations in Portland, visit