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May 31, 2018

Make Your Childhood Dream Come True

What dream you had when you were small? Did you want to become a fireman? Some kids like to be truck drivers and some love being teachers; but when you are so small you won’t have an idea of what is included in the responsibilities of those roles. For example a fireman is not just a guy in an attractive uniform; some are known to be met with serious injuries, even death, when doing their jobs.

Have an insight of the careers

It is important that you find enough details about the career you want to follow. Consider in which sort of an environment you would like to work. Are you an “outside” person? Rain or hail cannot bother you? Or do you prefer working within a building at all times? Do you like to work with numbers and complex equations? Are you an artist? There are many questions and many careers which match with the answers. For example if you are ok with numbers and equations you can follow accounting and financial management;if you like to work outside,studyto become civil engineersor surveyors.If you are good at drawing and thinking outside the box you can apply those skills in a job such as a fashion designer. Whatever you choose make sure you are aware of what is included in each occupation. Once you are settled in one it won’t be easy to change.

Plan your studies

This is important as different careers have different study pathways. For example, to become a lawyer, first you need to pass an LLB- bachelor in law- or a JD- Juris Doctor. Then you must undergo a training programme as an intern and pass more qualifying diplomas to be able to sit for the Attorney exam. After that only you can practice as an attorney-at-law in courts. This obviously takes a long time; you have to make sure that you can make the dedication and keep your eyes on the goal. In a process as such, if you get tired at half way there is no way you can turn. You have spent a lot of time and money and stopping or turning around after half the process is not an option.

Choose based on skills

It is worthy to consider what you like to do and what not. It is also important to see what skills you have which can pave way for you to follow a valuable career. If you are good at drawing and coming up with creative concepts perhaps you can join interior designers of Magellan Space Company in your town. Not only homes, today many office spaces arealso recreated with novel themes and due to their special facades they are known world over,for example Google headquarters. So if you feel you can make a difference in the way world sees something give it a try. What you think, you become. So do not give up on your wishes and goals of becoming what you want to be.