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December 16, 2015

Expanding Your Small Business

You have been in business for a while and you have been doing reasonably well. Now that your clientele is growing bigger and becoming more steady, you want to expand your carpentry business. You custom make hand made furniture for your customers. a lost art, but you specialise in this kind of furniture with an antique design. Your customers are lucky and happy to have you! How do you go about expanding your business?

Expanding in every way
As your clientele has got bigger and you are getting more orders for your furniture, you want to create more space to carry on your business. As you work from home, you have been using your garage mainly as your workshop, but now you want to add some barns and sheds Melbourne to make your workshop bigger and better, know more sheds for sale at As they will be made to your specifications, you can get exactly the size you want and get the design that will suit your specific needs. That way, the need for more space is taken care of and you can now focus on other areas of expansion.

Get material and resources
The next thing you want to do is to get the material and the resources you will need as you expand. As you are getting more orders, do you need to invest in more raw material and tools? Estimate the costs of what you need and work out how you are going to get the funds to purchase them. You may want to get material after people pre-order so that you know they won’t be wasted. Do what it takes to make your work easier and quicker as that would help you to cope with a larger volume of business.

Advertising and publicity
Another great thing to do when you are expanding your business is to get some kind of advertising or publicity. Think about what kind of advertising would suit you best and approach an advertising agency or find ways of getting some low-cost publicity. As you get your industrial cover Melbourne, you can also get a bit more publicity for yourself by announcing that you are expanding and having a formal opening day. You can work on creating an image for your furniture workshop by getting yourself a catchy brand name and giving your workshop a higher profile.

Keep the personal touch
You have been building up your business to this level through your friendly service and great work. Make sure that you maintain that personal touch with your customers as you expand. Great each person warmly and show a personal interest in them. If you are too busy to spend time with customers, you can consider hiring someone to give you a hand, if your budget allows it. With a little bit of perseverance, your business will keep growing and expanding!