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August 23, 2016

Build Granny Flat And Gift It To Your Parents

In the cities of Australia granny flats are mostly observed than the other countries. The granny flats are the flats that can be built in the unoccupied backyards. It can also solve the space issues as well as the owners can get some bucks from renting this. The granny flats can also be gifted to the parents as well. Design and size of the flats can be chosen as per your convenience. The flats can be best for you as you can design the flat as per your need and you can choose the perfect size of flats that suits your requirement. When you are about to purchase such flats you need to deliberate on few things like the size of the flat, design as well as plan of the rooms, furnishings, outdoor style and how many bedrooms are there in the flat.

When you feel satisfied with the size and design of the flat you can invest your money on it. Based on the number of bedrooms the granny flat designs are categorized. The 1 bedroom granny home consists of one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet and an open space. The space can be used as lobby or living area. If you are just two in the family you can go for it. The smaller backyard and blocks are just perfect. You can also set your sights on 2 bedroom granny flats that take account of 2 bedroom, kitchen, toilet and lobby if you are having 4 members in your family. But if you choose two or three bedroom flats then you must know that it is bigger than the regular flats. But it is the perfect choice for bigger families having 4 or more members.

When you are going to build granny flat you should opt for the compact design that match with the space necessities, budget and the style preference. You can also choose the material of the flats being constructed. If you are in tight budget, you can also lessen the heating and cooling needs of your flat. You will find a broad collection of style and design arrangements which are intended to meet the assorted desires with the customers. You can also tailor the design consistent with your choice. Resizing and plan can be made to order suitable for clients’ needs. You can resize your bedroom by making the living area smaller or just resizing the kitchen and bathroom as per the electronic gadgets used in daily life.

The granny flat builders proffer variegated customization facilities. So you have your freedom to choose furnishing and the paints of the flat based on your taste. You can have a trendy design or just a conventional one according to your choice. Whether you need to make use of your flat as guest house or plan to gift it to your parentages, you can modify it to meet your requirements. But if the flat is given to older people, then you should ponder whether the natural light comes from the window or not. Design of flats and you should design the windows in such manner so that they can get natural sunrays. You should ask the builder to give one copy of rough draft of the design you choose for your granny flat.