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July 04, 2018

5 Common Stair Types And Their Advantages

The area of usable land to construct a building is no longer an issue. Countless skyscrapers in the world bear witness for this claim. The truth is that, with the development of the construction field, more people were keen on switching to premises that spread vertically. This is why stairs play a very significant role in this area. Have you ever wondered about their types and why you would want to choose them?
Here are 5 common stair types and their benefits.

  • Straight
    This is probably the simplest kind of staircases Northern Beaches that has been there from the start. To depict its simplicity, it is similar to an occasion where a ladder kept at an angle connecting two uneven elevations. This is the easiest type to ascend and descend between two floors as identified in the industry. Moreover, it is quite simple. That’s why people who seek minimalist designs choose this type over anything else.
  • U-turn (Switchback/half-turn)
    This sort of staircases are space savers. How? If you could imagine it in your head, you can halve the horizontal distance that is needed by a straight stair to connect two floors. In this design, there will be a landing at halfway and then it requires an 180o turn to walk in line. This is a famous type that is used in many modern houses and business premises.
  • L-shaped (Quarter-turn)
    While switchback style needs an 180o turn at midway, this types requires a 90o turn. That is the only difference from the previous type of stairs. These sort of stair designs are amazing space savers that can push stairs to corners of premises. In addition, they are considered safer too. But more importantly, they are quite visually aesthetic.
  • Winder
    In this stair style, it is a deviation of L-shapes stairs but the landing area is replaced by triangular steps that takes a turn. These are considered extremely visually aesthetic that would suit better for cafés, pizzerias and such places. If you want to use it for a house, it is better to make the design more suiting.
  • Single/double spine
    While all the above types are ‘filled-by-material’ types, this type has either a single or double spines beneath the treads. Commonly, treads are made by treated wood that works like a magic for almost any sort of a building.
    For all these types to come out amazingly, you need to hire the right contractors. If not, you will be spending money for something that is not worth it. Hence, choosing experienced and skilled contractors will allow you to get your job done in the best way.