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November 28, 2018

How To Distinguish A Bogus Contractor

Many people nowadays seems to have a hard time looking for a reputable and trustworthy contractor without having any doubts about their ability to perform the job. That kind of feeling is pretty much normal and is quite understandable especially if you have heard and read a lot of horrible stories from any of your family and friends or if you personally experienced something bad from these great builders or contractors. So in this article our main focus is to help you spot for some telltale signs that you are dealing with the wrong company. Learning these signs will save you from a major headache, complaints and even lawsuits in the near future. So let’s get started.If the contractor asks for an upfront full payment for a job that has not yet started or completed yet. Most contractors would ask for at least half or 50% of the total cost of the project to cover for the materials and some of the labor costs if they have people working for them which is quite understandable. But be very wary when they ask to get paid right away. The second and third sign to look for is if the contractor does not have any business permit and certifications to show their clients. You would often find these requirements framed and hanged on their office for everyone to see. 

Even new home builders Bardon are required to secure business permits before they can start taking in projects. So if you don’t see any license and there is no physical office, better think not just twice but thrice before closing a deal with these types of contractors.The fourth telltale sign that you are dealing with bad contractors is if they don’t have any insurance or bond. They can always claim that they have but you won’t really know unless you do a little research by calling the Better Business Bureau and verifying their legitimacy. Also by getting in touch with the BBB you can check how the company is being rated based on the service that they are providing to the public. Working with uninsured home contractors can cause you a lot of trouble especially if something gets stolen or damaged within your property. There is a big chance that you won’t be able to claim anything leaving you in a very disappointing state. Lastly, another sign that there is something wrong with the company is if all feedbacks are purely positive and no negatives at all. There is a possibility that they are purposely screening all customer feedback on their website to get more positive publicity.